Justice vetoes physician assistant bill


Jim Justice (D) delivered his budget veto with a side of bull dung Thursday to hammer home his accusation that state lawmakers were playing politics with the $4.1 billion budget.

Then, he uncovered the third to show a pile of what he called "bull-you-know-what" on top of a stack of budget papers.

The $4.1 billion budget cuts $110 million in spending, most of which is from higher education and the state Division of Health and Human Resources.

"The unfortunate effect of this bill is that it weakens existing professional safeguards governing the medical knowledge and skills of physician assistants that have been serving the public interest for years", Justice said.

"I can't be any more blunt than to tell you this the way I see it", said Justice of H.B.

"We've got to stop the nonsense that goes on here", he said at the state capitol building in Charleston. It also would apply $90 million from the state's rainy day fund to close a projected budget deficit. Republicans in both houses were not supportive. The new fiscal year starts July 1. "The Legislature delivered a responsible budget that controls spending and makes our state live within its means - a budget that received the support of an overwhelming majority of members in the Legislature". "While it was our hope that the governor would have signed our reasonable and responsible budget, it's clear his vision for West Virginia's future involves a completely different path".

Tim Armstead, West Virginia's Republican House speaker, slammed Justice's publicity stunt as a low-rent display.

Only this time the poop-fueled argument was for more government ...

"I hope and pray that the silliness will stop", he remarked.