FTSE set for worst fall since Brexit aftermath after election called


Explaining the decision, May said: "The country is coming together but Westminster is not".

Prime Minister Theresa May last month formally triggered Britain's exit talks, nine months after the country voted in a referendum to leave the EU.

Have your say: Who will you vote for? Political divisions "risk our ability to make a success of Brexit", she said.

Under legislation introduced by the coalition government led her predecessor, David Cameron, an early election requires the support of two-thirds of MPs in the House of Commons.

May said that if there is not an election soon, "the negotiations with the European Union will reach their most hard stage in the run-up to the next scheduled election". Since becoming prime minister last July in the aftermath of Britain's vote to leave the EU, May had consistently said she would not seek an early election.

Corbyn, a veteran socialist with support on the left of the party, won the Labour leadership in September 2015 after the party's defeat in that year's election.

Politicians and pundits respond to Theresa May's call for a snap general election on June 8.

"As we move through this period of national change, voters across the United Kingdom will face a choice between the leadership of Theresa May or the chaos and incompetence of Jeremy Corbyn".

"It is hardly likely that the Conservatives will not win the election and so it will provide her with a clear political mandate to take the country into Brexit negotiations".

"Scottish Nationalist Party had said they would vote against the negotiations and "unelected" members of the House of Lords had vowed "to fight us every step of the way"," she added.

Her decision is a sharp reversal of policy - since taking over as Prime Minister, May had repeatedly ruled out an early election.

"The announcement has come as a huge shock, given that the Prime Minister had been adamant before she would not call a general election until 2020 as planned", he said.

Theresa May today made the surprise announcement for a snap general election as Britain prepares for delicate negotiations on leaving the EU.

Tony Blair's Labour government went into the 2001 general election with a lead averaging 19 points, going on to win by a landslide.

Grantham & Stamford MP Nick Boles has reportedly said that he is undecided whether or not he will stand in the election. France will hold the first round of its presidential election on Sunday with a potential run-off vote in May.

British prime ministers used to have the power to call elections at will, but the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, passed in 2011, makes things more complicated. "They are wrong", May said on Tuesday.