Authorities Investigating Alleged Malia Obama Stalker


The man was busted by the Secret Service, who protected Malia and ushered her into the building through a side entrance.

An emotionally disturbed Brooklyn man has undergone a psychiatric evaluation for allegedly stalking and harassing Malia Obama, CBS New York reports.

He was removed from the building by Obama's Secret Service agents. Cardoso said he wanted to marry her so he can get to former President Barack Obama and ask for some kind of help for his country, according to the sources.

A leg-barring Malia was spotted leaving her internship at The Weinstein Company in NY on Tuesday wearing a thigh-grazing, lumberjack-red, plaid shirtdress.

Only two days later, Cardosa allegedly followed Obama at a different location in the West Village.

The agents quickly surrounded the stalker, who was dressed in a Rastafarian cap, and interrogated him for almost an hour, while Malia sneaked out of the offices of Weinstein Co, through a side door. They told him to leave her alone and turned him away.

The Secret Service interviewed Jair at his Brooklyn apartment, eventually detaining him and taking him to the NYPD First Precinct on April 19.

It is not yet clear whether stalking charges will be filed against the man, although his alleged actions were reported to the police after Cardoso was taken to hospital.

As previously reported by The Root, Malia, who is set to begin Harvard University this fall, began an internship with the Weinstein Company in February after vacationing with her family in Palm Springs, Calif.

The Secret Service declined to comment on the case.