April The Giraffe Is Ready To Give Birth


"Once we are in full labor it's a quick process", Patch said.

Female giraffes have an average gestation period of about 15 months, or 453 to 464 days. The park blamed the removal on animal rights activists who oppose zoos.

Well, according to Animal Planet, a giraffe calf is usually born weighing between 100 and 150 pounds, measuring in at 6 feet tall. This is Oliver's first calf, but April knows the drill - this will be her fourth.

According to the Park, April did show any signs of active labor but she has been continuing to ignore the grain they have left for her.

In a Facebook post Saturday evening, the park acknowledged workers thought an April Fool's Day baby would be the flawless way to start a new chapter with April, Oliver and baby, but it seemed April might make us all wait one more day.

Keepers said Friday that they expect April to deliver within the day.

A GoFundMe page set up for April, giraffe father Oliver and their calf has raised more than $23,000 out of a goal of $50,000.

Watch the current YouTube stream in the video player above or here.

AND | How long do I have to watch that giraffe before it has its baby?! The giraffes did enjoy some outside time today, though April chose to enjoy the sunshine and air from her doorway.

Jordan Patch, owner of the Animal Adventure Park, said that the big draw towards April is that there is a natural curiosity regarding how baby giraffes are born.

As April has been enjoying the spring sunshine from the doorway of her stable, the park's vet, Dr Tim, has gone on the record to answer some of the most frequently posed questions about the 15 year old giraffe's impending delivery.

Animal Adventure Park says the giraffe is not late in giving birth.

"Does this 'live stream; of that giraffe have ads and stuff on it?"

These are all signs she will go into labor soon, the vets said, noting followers should not be anxious.

Zoo keepers said April appeared to have "pushing" contractions overnight. "We do not want April to get a chill or that barn temperature dropping". The giraffe's name is April, after all.

"After much discussion, we have decided the initial Gender Reveal will be made via our text alert system as soon as gender is observed post birth".