Xbox's Project Scorpio New Details


New reports about the console's design and functionality have now surfaced, pointing to a slim design not all that unlike the Xbox One S design that we got a year ago. It is hardly the biggest surprise, but it is nice to know that Project Scorpio won't be taking a step backward after its predecessor made the Xbox's PSU interface so much sleeker.

Windows Central also reports that Scorpio will feature HEVC and VP9 codecs to allow for 4K streaming from Netflix and other services, just like Xbox One S, but also for encoding 4K, 60fps video for direct capture and live-streaming. Xbox One S did away with the brick and Scorpio will keep up that trend. Microsoft's Project Scorpio made headlines a year ago when the company introduced the concept alongside the announcement of the Xbox One S, and now a recent report has confirmed that Microsoft will, once more, use an internal power supply unit (PSU) as part of Project Scorpio's design.

A lot of the chatter in gaming now is around 4K gaming, and while the install rate for 4K television is small, it is growing, and Sony has already invested in the technology with the PS4 Pro.

These features are, of course, not confirmed by Microsoft but at the moment rumors are pointing to a machine capable of 4K streaming, gaming, Blu-ray playback and 4K recording.

If that's true - aside from being a huge win for Microsoft - then it would be a substantial leap over console hardware now available on the market.

Microsoft's immensely powerful Project Scorpio has shown up on the Microsoft's product page.

One of the most talked about issues regarding Project Scorpio is its price. By comparison, the original Xbox does this at 720p, 30FPS.