Will The 'This Is Us' Finale Actually Reveal How Jack Died?


Creator Dan Fogelman pulled the rug out from under fans of his hit NBC drama "This Is Us" during its first season finale Tuesday night. Kate now has a vital role in the "This Is Us" universe because as she confided last week, something she did led to her father's death. A pre-mustached Jack returns home from fighting in Vietnam only to end up living with his parents. In the span of one episode, Milo Ventimiglia can make us loathe and love Jack, and it's simply not fair.

"Everyone, particularly now, is so focused on when he dies, how he dies, why he dies". Moore tells ET's Lauren Zima, flattered by the idea that viewers think she should date Ventimiglia.

As they try to get Jack's cash back ― by stealing from the Mafia-owned restaurant's cash register ― Jack hears Rebecca singing onstage, and the course of his life immediately changes. "You weren't just my great love story, you were my big break", he tells her.

Beyond that, "This Is Us" left you/us with nothing particularly momentous, keeping intact a rhythm, tone and philosophy that worked so well over the past 17 episodes. The duo make up and he gives her a moon-shaped necklace that she says she'll never take off (which she never does, even after we learn his future).

This Is Us travels even farther back in time before the Big Three existed and before Jack and Rebecca were even "Jack and Rebecca". We see ourselves and our own families in this show which is what makes it so unbelievable. "The nice part has just been having Mandy to partner with, shoulder to shoulder, the whole time".

In a series of flashbacks/flash forward - all ending with one present day glimpse at the lives of the kids, Kate (Chrissy Metz), Kevin (Justin Hartley), and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) - "This Is Us" filled out the story of Jack/Rebecca without completing their story.

"I do miss acting with people from the cast". Speaking of his father, he said "dad had a choice between doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing, and he always broke the wrong way". Nine-year-old Kate (Mackenzie Hancsicsak)'s friends told her to stop playing with them because they were embarrassed by her weight. After Jack spends a bit too much time at a bar and comes home drunk, Rebecca puts her foot down.

OK, phew, I'm glad Mandy Moore doesn't think I'm a big weirdo.

When the Season 1 finale gave everyone exactly what they wanted - all Jack, all the time, and no major surprises other than Randall adopting a baby - people should have been dancing in the streets, unified by the power of a cultural touchstone delivering the goods right before wrapping up a beloved first year.

Have you listened to Ryan's month-old new album, Prisoner? "I can't even go into anything, but it's definitely going to be the ideal close to a This Is Us season". This was then paired with a flashback of Rebecca going on her blind date, while Jack had devised a plan to rob his money back from the bar. "This character is so important to the show because he's different".

And as Milo so eloquently stated, let's focus on how the man lived! He is hardly supportive when she goes on tour with a band, leaving him to care for their teens.

Jack eventually stops and says, 'This is insane, we love each other'. His renewed feelings for his wife were spread out for all to see, despite the things she said in that bitter quarrel the night before.