When Donald Trump meets Angela Merkel: the key battleground areas


White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the planned Oval Office sit-down, scheduled for Tuesday, was postponed until Friday due to a looming winter storm in Washington.

Merkel faces a challenge in September's polls from the left in the form of the resurgent Social Democrats, and from the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany - one of the European parties energized by Trump's win in the United States. It will be the first meeting between Europe's most powerful leader and Mr Trump, who has criticised Germany over a range of issues, including Dr Merkel's liberal refugee stance.

Snowstorms bearing down the U.S. east coast have forced German Chancellor Angela Merkel to postpone her visit to Washington DC.

Merkel is arriving in the U.S. Monday flanked by the CEOs of automaker BMW and industrial firm Siemens as well as representatives of other German companies with American operations. When the first USA refugee ban was announced in late January, Merkel reportedly explained the terms of Geneva Convention in a phone call with the president.

As Trump has done with other world leaders in recent weeks, he will host Merkel for a bilateral meeting and joint news conference.

Merkel and President Donald Trump now are set to meet for the first time on Friday.

Merkel has questioned Trump's skepticism of global trade deals and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military alliance.

Given the ongoing investigation into the Trump administration's contact with Russian officials, Merkel will have to carefully approach issues of foreign policy in her discussion with the president.