What Is Nicki Minaj Waiting For??


'We could be friends and I will be cataloging information while were cool just in case, by some chance, [we] get into it one day, ' she began.

After releasing two vicious diss tracks aimed at Nicki Minaj ("shETHER" and "Another One"), there was no question whose funeral Remy was dressed for. On Friday (March 3), the Brooklyn vet unleashed a minute-long diss track snippet, responding to "shETHER".

In case you've somehow missed it, Remy Ma went IN on the Anaconda rapper seemingly out of nowhere.

Remy Ma says her diss track had nothing with a Minaj guest verse on a Gucci Mane track many people say is insulting her.

"Nicki actually texted me this weekend, She texted you too Envy, she called us both phony and fake", said Charlamagne.

The rapper initially paid a visit to Wendy to promote her new joint album with her Terror Squad brethren Fat Joe - brilliantly named Plata O Plomo - but you know Williams couldn't let her leave without first addressing the beef.

Following the release of "Another One", fans took to Twitter to talk about the track and the ongoing drama.

Mychal Watts/WireImageIt looks like Foxy Brown is re-igniting her past beef with Remy Ma. "Dusty ass broad think she's something sweet...stealing that dirty-ass TS piece / And Pap f- that dirty-ass beast", she raps, adding, "I'm a motherf-in' BK savage / I heard about the bitch's miscarriage".

"This person, just based on what I'm witnessing, is not a nice person", Ma told host Williams. [But] the things I've been hearing [about Minaj], I'm like, 'Nah, I'm not gonna say that.

"When you're trying to stop my bag, trying to stop me from taking care of my children, I have a problem with that", Remy Ma said.