What is Facebook Messenger Day and does it work like Snapchat?


Snapchat may have made its Stories screen easier to parse with a recently added search bar, but Messenger Day is launching with this ease of use, as if to say, "this is for everyone".

You can draw on pics using the pen feature, or add on the ready-made stickers. First step of course would be to update your Messenger to the latest version.

Messenger Day (and WhatsApp Status, to a degree) represents an opportunity for Facebook to start monetizing Messenger.

In that sense, it is much like Snapchat and ephemeral in nature. After you send a photo or video, you'll see the option to "add to your day". Sure we're not going to stop typing messages to each other any time soon, but Snapchat's success has shown that in terms of informal and intimate communication, you can't beat snapping pictures. Tapping the Camera icon will open the Messenger camera with new features and editing tools. This is your chance to snap a photo or video, after which you can add effects. Your settings will apply to everything you post to that day, so if you've selected a limited audience but decide later you want to share something with everyone, you'll have to wait until the next day.

"Since everything you add disappears after 24 hours, feel free to add as often as you want".

In case you belong to a market where Messenger Day wasn't a thing until now, it would take a little bit of learning on how to use the new feature.

Facebook's approach seems to be more about putting a ceiling on Snapchat's user growth than stealing from its existing user base. Investors will get to see the competition play out every day in the stock market.

On Thursday, Facebook launched Messenger Day, a new feature that lets people share live video and photo slideshows. You can customize how you share by tapping the "more" icon and then choosing "Everyone Except" or "Custom".

To choose who can't see your Day, tap the Profile icon, tap My Day, tap Everyone Except, and then choose who can't see your day. The Messenger Day features appear across both Android and iOS Facebook Messenger apps but the rollout will take place gradually, so some users may not see the updates straight away.

You can also select a video or picture placed in a conversation. And if your contact has added something to their day, you will be able to see that too.