Samsung's foldable super flagship is in the final stages of development


Samsung's foldable phones have been stuck in the rumor mills phase for years now, with small tidbits of information about the futuristic handsets coming out periodically. With its borderless design, large screen, vocal assistant and facial recognition, Samsung's flagship should make a sensation during its presentation.

Samsung Electronics introduced its foldable Smartphone to only small amount of customers at MWC 2017.

ET News reported that Samsung's initial plan was to mass produce a few thousand prototypes in the first quarter, but chose to delay it in order to invest more time into raising the quality of the entire product. When prototypes are produced during third quarter, it is likely that official mass-production will take place in 2018. Android OEMs like Lenovo, Oppo or Vivo are already working with display makers like BOE, Visionox and AUO towards reaching this goal.

Q3 2017 is already marked in some calendars as the time for IFA 2017 in Berlin. This new smartphone will offer "luxurious design and high-quality", which will have a halo effect on Samsung's entire line-up. Recent reports suggest that numerous Chinese display panel makers are also now committing more resources to their efforts of developing a prototype of a foldable smartphone panel.

It sounds like Samsung is following the same strategy it employed with Edge displays. Although their experiences in mass-production of flexible OLEDs are absurdly low compared to South Korean panel manufacturers, it seems that they have approached level of being able to mass-produce these panels by quickly securing technologies after years of R&D.

It appears that Samsung is not the only company that has been rumored to be working on foldable display smartphone prototypes. The main reason for the delay is said to be technical issues involving a key component of foldable smartphones. The corporation is apparently competing against rival Chinese OEMs in a race to see who can clinch the title of 'world's first foldable smartphone'. The company will reportedly start producing “thousands of prototypes” in the third quarter of 2017.