PlayStation 3 production to end soon in Japan


Given Sony consoles have generally have a ten year life span, the decision isn't surprising, but it's always a little sad when a beloved machine makes the trip to Silicon Heaven. $17.8 billion of this came entirely from the PS4, meaning the console alone had a huge 51% input.

The PlayStation 3 launched in South Africa on 22 March 2007. Some PlayStation 4 owners are reporting that their consoles can't connect to Wi-Fi once they have been updated to the new update.

The listing and end-of-production notice, which was uncovered by Games Talk, applies to the 500GB super slim PS3 model with the sliding top disc tray - the only model Sony continues to produce. Sony is ending production of the PlayStation 3 in Japan.

The report says that the console market was around $35 billion previous year, with the PS4 taking over $17.8 billion of that value (or 51% of the cake).

It is still not certain how this move will impact North America. Several users now report of experiencing poor wireless network connectivity woes. Then, at E3 2006 gamers finally learned Sony's pricing strategy for the device - a 20GB model for $499 and a 60GB version for $599 - and much of the early hype turned into shock.

Even the market offers good devices, people are already talking about PlayStation 5 and other upcoming consoles.

Last month, Sony announced that it is discontinuing its PlayStation Now service for various supported platforms, excluding the PS4 and Windows PC.

PlayStation Now senior marketing manager Brian Dunn then said, "After thoughtful consideration, we made a decision to shift our focus and resources to PS4 and Windows PC to further develop and improve the user experience on these two devices".