Passenger plane crash-lands at South Sudan airport


Most of the passengers were South Sudanese with two foreigners, one each from China and Eritrea.

A passenger jet carrying 45 people crash-landed in South Sudan's north-western city of Wau on Saturday, leaving at least 14 people injured, said a report citing government and airport officials.

The incident took place at the airport in Wau, in northwestern South Sudan. Achieng said of those, 40 were adults and three were children. "The hospital received 37 people with injuries but now 31 have gone home and six are left but in stable conditions", Guadenesio said.

According to Achieng, the fire that engulfed the plane initially made people think there were no survivors.

An aircraft engineer at the Wau airport, Paul Charles, said the plane tried to land in bad weather Monday and hit a damaged truck on the side of the runway.

While all 44 passengers onboard were initially feared killed, some local reports say that nine people have been pulled from the wreckage alive and transported to a hospital.

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