Overwatch's new hero Orisa: All her skins, emotes and unlocks


As for the rest of her kit, it only gets better.

What I've found so incredible about Fusion Driver isn't just its capacity for Orisa to provide surprising fire, but also her ability to actually deal considerable damage while still protecting her team. It provides decent damage and is reasonably accurate at range.

Her right arm is a Fusion Driver that can shoot enemies with sustained fire at a pretty decent range.

"And while her barrier isn't quite as durable as someone like Reinhardt's, she's able to perform other duties while it's deployed", reads a post on Blizzard's Overwatch website.

Thanks to a well placed Halt! from the opposition I was pulled to my death several times last night, while my team managed to return the favor on a handful of occasions due to our own clever use of the ability. However, pay attention to lurking enemies, since they can kill the item.

Orisa is a Tank-class character whose "gameplay is engineered around protection".

Yet another barrier! It looks like a large, stationary version of Reinhardt's shield-somewhat like a combination between Symmetra's projected Photon Barrier and Winston's Barrier Projector. The shape does leave the team somewhat vulnerable to aerial assaults, but does a great job of protecting chokepoints or allowing the team to advance by providing temporary cover. After the war, they were taken out of production, along with numerous other models used during the crisis. This immunity would presumably apply to sleep darts and hacking, as well.

Our thoughts after testing it: This is a powerful weapon! Using Fortify essentially prevents Orisa from being booped. It could be balanced out by Orisa's continued offensive capabilities while her shield is up, but the jury is still out (playtesting, I imagine). Orisa has a drum-like appendage on her back that, when fully charged up, she can throw down onto the ground. You may be about to discover your next main. The device can be destroyed by opponents though, so its placement is crucial.

Blizzard released two videos concerning the new character, a short lore one, and a longer one where Jeff Kaplan explains the conceptual development of Orisa and how the design team had to face a visual challenge when creating a female giant robot monster.

She certainly seems like she could be useful, but going by her skins, voice lines and the like, she's a bit lacking in the personality department to me.