Oversight chair says WH intruder was able to "rattle the door handle"


The U.S. Secret Service is expected to discipline employees after a Milpitas man allegedly jumped over a fence at the White House in an attempt to meet President Donald Trump.

The Secret Service stressed that the intruder never made it inside White House.

They later found the White House alarms had been muted in the Gonzales incident.

The Secret Service said it had taken immediate steps to avoid further security lapses, and that over 50 people had been interviewed about the incident. Either this was a very unlucky petty theft in which the perp just happened to stop near the home of a Secret Service agent and robbed her vehicle completely randomly or she was targeted deliberately.

And yet the person is able to get up close to the White House and spend 17 minutes before he's apprehended.

Chaffetz suggests there may have been alarms that were ignored by the Secret Service.

"It's just beyond comprehension", said Chaffetz, who chairs the House Oversight Committee.

He was carrying two cans of mace, a United States passport, a computer and one of Trump's books, authorities said.

That the intruder evaded detection for so long, as first reported by CNN, is the latest embarrassing breach for the security service beset by a series of failures over the past few years. Mr Trump said the intruder was a "troubled person" and praised the service, saying it had done a "fantastic job" in apprehending the individual. He also is asking for all video from the White House grounds that night as well as logs from the Joint Operations Center and information about "alarms" at the White House. The White House is probably the most targeted place on the face of the planet.

It's really past time for one of the big data sites to do a "power ranking" of Secret Service scandals since, say, 2010.

The Secret Service tightened security around the White House after intrusion incidents in September 2014, during former President Barack Obama's second term. Taken from the agent's auto Thursday morning near her home in Brooklyn.