No, Planned Parenthood STILL doesn't use federal funds for abortions


They want to punish Planned Parenthood for providing safe, legal abortion services and are even telling angry constituents at home that they want to defund Planned Parenthood to stop taxpayer funding of abortion. Contrary to liberal media propaganda, Trump said he supports federal funding for women's health - as long as it excludes abortions. In fact, Planned Parenthood health centers operate like any other health care provider: They serve patients and are reimbursed by insurance companies for the care that they provide. And they're lying, they're straight-up lying to American women about providing options, about providing pre-natal care, about providing mammograms, about providing other services and really they're coating, they're shielding their abortion corporation with their lies about these other services.

The newly proposed American Health Care Act, presented this week by House Speaker Paul Ryan, concerns me as a mental health professional on many levels. However, Trump also said throughout the election that he believes Planned Parenthood does "other good work" and that millions of women have benefited from Planned Parenthood's cancer screenings and other health services. Vice President Mike Pence is a vocal opponent of abortion, citing his Roman Catholic beliefs, and new US health secretary Tom Price has supported "defunding" Planned Parenthood.

Before Price's briefing, freshman Rep. John Faso, R-N.Y., told Newsmax he felt defunding Planned Parenthood "should be treated separately because I don't see this as a health issue".

In his first week as president, Trump banned USA funding to global groups that perform abortions or provide information about abortions. Pro-life politicians defunding Planned Parenthood say they care about life.

Even throughout his campaign, Trump's comparatively "open-minded" stance on Planned Parenthood was attributed to his daughter.

Proponents said the measure would maintain care for low-income residents who rely on Planned Parenthood for those services, which include cancer screenings, birth control and testing for sexually transmitted infections.

A Republican bill to replace the Affordable Care Act released this week includes a section stipulating that any agency that provides abortions other than in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother can not receive federal reimbursement through Medicaid.

"I would defund it because of the abortion factor, because I'm pro-life". Over their lifetime, one in five American women will visit a Planned Parenthood clinic to get healthcare.

Frelinghuysen recently maintained that he supports a woman's right to choose, and Planned Parenthood.