Nintendo Switch Now Available At Hundreds Of Argos Stores


Trusted Reviews reports that nearly every one of the 1.5 million buyers of the Nintendo Switch also bought the new Zelda game.

And in a new update, Nintendo have confirmed that they plan to release more consoles to purchase before the end of the month.

Follow the links below to grab your Nintendo Switch from Argos before it sells out! Most of this data isn't surprising, but it does highlight the importance of a console launch to both the online and brick-and-mortar retail space. According to a post on, the hacker tweaked an old iOS WebKit exploit, removed the iOS-specific code and took advantage of a vulnerability contained within the hidden Switch browser to show just how easy it will be to hack the console. Gamestop also now offers players the chance to grab $125 store credit by trading in a Nintendo 3DS or Wii U until March 19. That outpaced every other retailer.

The good news for the Nintendo Switch is that exclusives will be coming. Toys R Us received the lead amount of hits from, but it also had the largest spike in traffic from the publisher's website with an increase of 813 percent compared to January. In a second video posted on his Twitter account, he holds the Switch with one hand and points to it with the other, all while the game is still playing so it likely points to a video being played instead of the game itself.

Above: Traffic patterns for And no day over the a year ago led to more traffic for than the launch of the Miitomo smartphone app on March 31, 2016. Specifically, the left Joy-Con controller can fail to connect, rendering games unplayable until the connection is established or a different controller, for example, the Switch Pro Controller, is used instead. Neither of these were able to measure up to the traffic generated by launch of smartphone title Miitomo, either, which generated 1.7m visitors to the platform holder's official site.