Nintendo Addresses Reports Of Widespread Switch Joy-Con Connectivity Problems


These could be causing your wireless Joy-Con controller connection problems, Nintendo has said. Launch days are always a mess.

Gamers desperate to play on their new Nintendo Switches these weekend may have to wait a bit longer, with many reporting their preorders have been delayed. The unit itself has a 6.2-inch, 1280 × 720 LCD screen with capacitive touch capabilities. For starters, the location of the USB charging port brings a few problems as you can not charge the console whilst playing in tabletop mode (tablet out of the dock with Joy-Con's both detached) and it's uncomfortable charging whilst playing in handheld mode (tablet out of the dock with Joy-Con's attached). There's also a kickstand on the back for tabletop gaming. With each switch - get it? - you can pick up where you left off. Each is available right now for purchase through Amazon, some for immediate delivery with an Amazon Prime subscription. Yes, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the best Nintendo Switch launch title, but it doesn't utilise the technical brilliance of the Joy-Cons anywhere near as well as 1-2 Switch. With the Switch, the users don't even need to stop the game.

Both times this happened with Mashable's Switch it seemed to get stuck in sleep mode - which is the console's default "not in use" state. "It even dips far south of that when lots of particles or physics objects are on screen at once", the site said.

It's hardly the ideal start for life in the wild for the Switch, and it's not exactly the flawless solution to have to potentially turn off other wireless devices when using the console. So much for jumping across that canyon or sticking that baddie with your sword. This was the screen protector that came with Nintendo's Switch carrying case, which costs $19.99 and can hold five game cartridges. Added features such as premium video apps or other non-gaming services that would work on a TV (Netflix or Facebook, perhaps?) are non-existent.

For now at least, the Nintendo Switch has gotten off to a great start and I am hopeful that this excellent console will do very well over the next few years. Some of the games work with the wrist strap attached, while others (specifically those that rely on the rumble feature) require you to remove them, and so you often end up continually having to mess about with the Joy-Con set-up. A new Zelda game will be amongst the launch titles for the new Nintendo Switch, formerly known as Nintendo NX. This will occur, for example, when another person stands between the Joy-Con and the Switch. ToysRUs offered the Switch online today, but sold out in under an hour.