Leaders talk what will happen if 'bathroom bill' becomes law


When the Senate Education and Career Development Committee heard testimony on the bill last week, several people pushed legislators to remove the portion dealing with school vouchers.

Using a cell phone while driving is also banned in Austin, among other Texas cities.

Democratic Rep. Harold Dutton, who voted against the bill, said it "gives police unfettered authority to stop people".

Critics of a Texas bill that would crackdown on so-called "sanctuary cities" say Republican changes to soften the measure don't go almost far enough.

A House bill that would increase state funding to send poor kids to preschool was gutted in an Indiana Senate committee, setting up a potential clash between the two chambers. The closest that a statewide texting-while-driving ban came to becoming law was in 2011, when a bill cleared the Legislature but was vetoed by former Gov. Rick Perry, who called it a "government effort to micromanage the behavior of adults".

It's the most common procedure in second-trimester abortions, and involves the abortionist using forcepts to rip the unborn child apart limb from limb, all while the child is alive, without anesthesia. John Whitmire, a Houston Democrat, questioned why bathroom concerns were so pressing to Republicans when they were never "brought to us as an issue" before then.

The 21-10 final vote on Wednesday came over opposition from big business, the National Football League and hundreds of people who packed the Texas Capitol last week during 13 hours of public testimony. "This is an issue that people, supporters, constituents, voters want".

If the bill becomes a law, it would mean individuals would have to use the bathroom, dressing room or locker room that corresponds with the sex on their birth certificate in public buildings.

Both bills have been GOP priorities for years, but this legislative session is the first either has had a chance of passing, now that Republicans are firmly in control of state government.

These combative non sequiturs demonstrate the tough fight ahead to stop the bill in its tracks, and this high-profile, distinctive Equality Texas letter is part of that fight. But public charter schools would be exempt from state school laws and regulations, except those affecting health, safety, civil, and disability rights.

Kolkhorst also told senators that she had spoken to the NCAA's president to highlight the differences between the proposed legislation in Texas and North Carolina's own "bathroom bill", which cost the state millions in canceled events.

The House is back at 10 a.m. Senate Bill 120 would let some inmates hold jobs with companies allowed to operate inside prisons before release, and also make it easier for felons who have been released to obtain occupational and professional licenses.

"Kids are afraid to walk to school".