It Had to Happen. Here Comes the Smart Condom


According to the description on British Condoms, the i.Con will record calories burnt during sexual intercourse, speed of thrusts, total number of thrusts, frequency of sessions, total duration of sessions, average velocity of thrusts, girth measurement, average skin temperature and different positions used.

Pretty much everyone can agree that sex is great, but you know what would make it even better?

The iCon Smart Condom looks like a ring that can be fit over the condom at the base.

Instead of boring old rubber, this technologically advanced ring claims to track the "exercise" as well as detecting chlamydia and syphilis.

These days you can track just about anything with the aid of a wearable device - your steps, your calories burned, and even how soundly you sleep at night.

Inventors have said the kit will be available in 2017, exclusively from British Condoms.

Luckily, there's a new, smart condom that could change lovemaking forever.

You don't have to share your dalliance data online though, and the device gives you the option to be completely anonymous. "Ever wondered how you stack up to other people from around the world?" i.Con reveals about the product.

Did someone say, no sex please we're British? It charges in an hour and can maintain a charge for "6-8 hours worth of "live" usage", which, frankly, sounds like an insanely long time to fuck.

Among the physical specs of the product, there is the fact that it comes in only one size and has a "band adjustable feature", for the device be wearable for all users.

According to the company, users should not be anxious about the privacy of their personal information. The i.Con will also come with a one-year warranty for those of you who are left feeling, well, unsatisfied.

The i.Con is available for pre-order for United Kingdom customers for £59.99 ($73.58), and the product will be rolled internationally if there's enough demand.