Iron Fist Is Netflix's First Big Superhero Flop


Rand becomes an orphan at a young age and has a sense of alienation in him. The fight scenes are boring, which is doubly transgressive when it comes to Iron Fist-sick martial arts are kind of his thing, and some style and flourish is necessary in the Netflix corner of the Marvel Universe, where everyone's superpower mostly boils down to punching really hard.

When he focuses his powers, he can punch his way through nearly anything.

In the books, when Iron Fist has a chance for revenge, he chooses not to kill his father's ex-business partner upon seeing that the man has already suffered, and instead channels his sympathy and compassion.

Iron Fist can't justify any of this problematic stuff with a cracking plot or engaging characters.

While Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage were all unique and well-received in their own ways, it seems like the honeymoon might be over for Marvel's Netflix division. Ward goes an entirely different route, however, one that involves Danny being beaten to death by a group of Birch's more violent patients. The best fight scenes aren't just visually inventive feasts demonstrating the limits of the human body - they inform our understanding of characters like the heroes of John Wick: Chapter Two, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Enter the Dragon. Some orderlies show up to haul Simon away just in time, but this isn't the first rough encounter Danny's going to be involved in during his time at Birch. Except no one believes him, and his friends aren't so friendly anymore. The cinematography by Manuel Billeter is remarkably flat and lackluster, and the flavor and color of NY, so often a vital part of Marvel comics, is completely absent. There has not been one decent review of the show yet. "It's sustained them past the decades of the '70s". Unable to convince anyone that he survived the plane crash and spent the years since in the mystical city of K'un-Lun, a homeless Danny soon befriends Colleen Wing, a martial arts instructor who moonlights as a cage fighter to keep the lights on, and Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss reprising her Jessica Jones role) the lawyer that helps him get his name back. "They found magic in their pairing".

Rand doesn't have your typical Joker or Thanos to battle; he's got some really unique villains who are germane to his world and his character.

"There's the Steel Serpent, who is from K'un L'un as well", Alonso said.

However, the casting isn't the only reason critics are finding issue with "Iron Fist", at least according to Jones. Though the series has been criticized by critics, Netflix is confident that it will be liked by the viewers.

I could talk about the whitewashing on the show that has haunted it since the day it was announced, but that would mean drowning in the sea of uncomfortable cultural appropriation.

Like Tony Stark, Rand has a lot of money to spend in order to protect his home, NY and beyond.

Finn plays Iron Fist, but before this role, he played Loras Tyrell on Game of Thrones. Their good deeds could be elevated to new heights with Rand's deep pockets.

Will IRON FIST overcome these drawbacks, its lack of immediate hook and more typical tone?

Wing is a central character in Iron Fist, giving writers the needed hook to involve Claire in the storyline.