Intruder breaches White House grounds, arrested near residence entrance


The Secret Service said Saturday the unidentified individual was carrying a backpack and was arrested near the White House residence without further incident.

According to a Secret Service report, Tran was carrying a backpack that was screened and found to be free of unsafe materials. He reportedly was toting a backpack that was searched and found not to contain unsafe material.

A federal law enforcement official said the man arrested has no prior criminal record and had no previous history with the Secret Service.

The Secret Service declined to answer questions about how the man penetrated so deep onto the White House grounds, citing an ongoing investigation.

The incident is reportedly the first such security breach since Trump took office in January. Trump added that the security breach was "very sad".

They have no idea what the security plan of the White House actually looks like on the ground.

Tran was carrying a letter he'd written to Trump in which he mentioned "Russian Hackers" and wrote he had relevant information, according to a charging document.

That's when Tran replied that he did not have a pass and that he had an appointment with the President and had jumped the fence, the report said.

The Secret Service did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A man will reappear in court on Monday after scaling the fence and entering the grounds with a backpack late on Friday night. The entrance is near the part of the White House where the president resides.

In 2014, 42-year-old Omar Gonzales made it through the north portico doors into the building, armed with a 9cm folding knife.

"Secret Service did a fantastic job last night", President Trump told reporters Saturday.

The Secret Service and National Park Service have been working on a new fence design and other upgrades.