International Women's Day: NCAA conference commissioners


And grassroots activists are trying to harness the energy generated by the historically popular Women's March towards a general strike called A Day Without a Woman.

Schools in Alexandria, Va.; Chapel Hill-Carrboro, N.C.; and Prince George's County, Md., closed for the day on Wednesday because of widespread absences from staff participating in the strike. It is the first national action by organizers since the nationwide marches held the day after President Donald Trump was sworn in.

For A Day Without a Woman we honor 20 queer women from history whose contributions to their fields can hardly be quantified. The two Facebook friends are co-founders of Black Women Speak and are among the growing number of African-American women taking part in Wednesday's International Women's Strike Demonstration in Chicago.

Participants will gather at Logan Square and march to Thomas Paine Plaza, stopping at several locations to show solidarity with those who work in traditionally women-dominated industries.

"It is important to participate in something like this because I feel like more than ever, women's rights as well as plenty of other rights, are on the forefront and under the limelight", Conrick said.

Crawley said the decision to cancel classes Wednesday was "based exclusively on our ability to provide sufficient staff to cover all our classrooms", and does not signal political support for the protest.

Powell says her company's CEO encouraged staff to participate in the strike in whatever way they see fit, whether that's not going to work or finding the time to attend a rally.

"This day means supports to all women, here in Rochester, around the world, supporting their paid and unpaid work, and hopefully demonstrating solidarity", she said. "For equality, justice and the human rights of all women".

The organizers, however, have said that women who can protest will strike for those who cannot.