In Celebration Of Pi Day


Unless otherwise listed, these deals are only good Tuesday, so grab yourself a slice.

Favorite types of pie in the United States, ranked in order, are apple, pumpkin, chocolate cream, cherry and pecan. Ten contestants will dig into coconut cream pies donated by Dahlia Bakery.

The first official time that Pi day was celebrated large scale on March 14 was at the San Francisco Exploratorium in 1988 where physicist Larry Shaw organized circular marches and pie-eating expeditions.

Tuesday, March 14, is Pi Day. Activities might include investigations of the value of pi, special pi projects, and parties with pizza or other kinds of "pi". Must be 13 or over to participate, and the online club membership comes not just with a $3.14 Pi Day 10-inch pizza but also a free custom pizza on your birthday.

Enjoy a slice of pie - and some science at the Orlando Science Center, 777 E. Princeton Orlando.

ThinkGeek: Receive a free Pi Day T-shirt when you buy $31.41 worth of items. The hand-pie option will only come in cinnamon apple and run you $4.

Chuck E. Cheese's is offering a large one-topping pizza for $3.14 with offer code 5369.

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Starbucks is giving out free samples of the artisanal hand pies Megpies, and selling them for $3.14, a Megpies spokesperson confirmed. Even people who aren't passionate about math can celebrate - with pie.

Hungry Howie's in Lafayette: Get a medium pizza for $3.14 with any purchase of a regular priced bread. Just sign up on their Pi Day site before you go. In 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution making Pi Day official, and encouraged educators to embrace the holiday with classroom lessons about Pi. And since pie is circular - and delicious - it's part of the big celebration as well.