Hypothermia killed elderly twin sisters after separate falls at their home


The twins, two women in their late 80s were found by a neighbor outside a Barrington, Rhode Island home on Saturday morning, March 4th. Ms. Haley may have tripped on a rug on the floor of the garage as she attempted to enter her house to call for assistance, " LaCross said in a statement.

Temperatures were freezing with a wind chill overnight Friday into Saturday, when much of New England saw some if its coldest temperatures of the winter.

Investigators say Ms Williams lost her footing first and Ms Haley fell as she tried to go for help.

Haley was left immobile, with the garage door wide open to the harsh weather outside, and her sister still stranded on the driveway.

The pair had gone out for dinner with their 89-year-old sister the night they died. He said while loved ones are grieving the loss of the two sisters, they believe both would have preferred to die together than live without each other. They were quickly pronounced dead.

Barrington Police Chief John LaCross said that the Barrington police do not suspect foul play.

The cause of death has not been released, but cold temperatures are likely to have been a factor. A man who identified himself as a grandson answered the phone at Haley's home Sunday and said the family would be commenting later.