House is completely encased in ice by freezing storm in NY


A recent combination of freezing temperatures combined with high winds resulted in water from Lake Ontario coating the home in ice.

"Our area here in WNY was pummeled by violent wind the last few days, over 160,000 lost power-some still don't have it", he wrote in a Facebook post.

On Sunday, photographer John Kucko posted photos and video of the home that's located on the shore of Lake Ontario. "Power was knocked out to 150,000 people".

The ice house, as it's come to be known, is actually one of a string of frozen houses along the south shore of the lake in Webster, N.Y. Freezing winds and stormy conditions have whipped up all kinds of otherworldly ice formations, but none quite so dramatic as the house that Kucko captured on camera, thanks to a viewer's tip-off.

"Equally amazed at how many people think I sprayed foam on the place, too amusing", he said.

But that's because those homes are set further back from the water, have preventative walls and are inhabited all day round - meaning the little ice that hits the homes melts rather than collecting.