Harvard Dropout Mark Zuckerberg Finally Getting His Degree


A huge part of the Facebook origin story is that Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard University to launch the company. Mr Zuckerberg's video on Facebook features an equally famous Harvard dropout - Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates might be billionaires, but they sure are bad actors.

Zuckerberg founded Facebook, then dubbed "thefacebook.com", with a group of friends while he was a sophomore at Harvard back in 2004.

"Mark Zuckerberg's leadership has profoundly altered the nature of social engagement worldwide". The most well known of them are Steve Jobs, who dropped out of Reed College in 1976 to build Apple with Steve Wozniak and Bill Gates who left Harvard in two years in order to co-found Microsoft with Paul Allen. This is an honour that brings distinguished political leaders, business chiefs and artists to address graduating students.

'Few inventions in modern times can rival Facebook in its far-reaching impact on how people around the globe interact with one another. Now, the social network commands monthly user numbers in excess of 1.8-billion. Zuckerberg is slated as the featured speaker at the university's 366th commencement in May. Ahead of the big day that would witness the Harvard alumni returning home after 12 years, Zuckerberg met another Harvard drop-out (any guesses?) to share the big news. He also said that some individuals can compete with Zuckerberg in his drive to change the world by "the innovative use of technology" and "his commitment to advance science". "Good luck on your speech", comments Mr Gates on the Facebook video.

Gates was awarded a similar honorary degree by Harvard in 2007 when he had given their commencement speech that year.