Google Pixel 2 Laughs Off Affordable Rumours


Speaking to AndroidPIT at MWC 2017, Mr. Osterloh mentions that there are plans in place for creating a Pixel successor. When asked whether or not there will be a Google Pixel 2, he had this to say: "There is an annual rhythm in the industry". It goes without saying that Google won't rest on its laurels and that we can expect the company to follow up on the Pixel and Pixel XL's successor.

Osterloh also confirmed that this year's Pixel would have more or less the same price as the original phone, meaning that we are looking at another premium device.

Google created a lot of hype a year ago with the launch of its "Made My Google" smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL.

It is believed that Google will be launching Pixel 2 in two variants like it had done with its predecessor.

The confirmation of Pixel 2 wasn't a direct one, but came in the form of information provided by Google's newly appointed hardware lead Rick Osterloh who was present at Mobile World Congress 2017. Evan Blass made a post on Twitter, sharing that Google will release the tablet before the end of 2016, but that didn't happen.

The Google Pixel will be getting a sequel later this year.

This could suggest that the "Pixel" brand is here to stay and Google might have slowly distance itself from the Nexus brand that, of course, we know and love. In fact, a report from previous year stated that the iPhone made more money in three months than Android did in its entire existence. However, the upcoming Pixel 2 is going to cost you a bit. After all, the last tablet device from Google was the Pixel C tablet. These smartphones are seen as Google's vision of a flawless Android powered smartphone and this is why Google has equipped them with only the best hardware pieces available on the market. About the high price of the second gen pixel phones, Osterloh also said, Pixel will stay premium. Apart from design, it will also feature a much-improved camera for excellent photography even at low-level lighting.