Google Intros Family Link, Offers Control Over Your Kid's Device Usage


Google goes on to clarify that it is ultimately the parent's job to manage what their kids view on their device.

The only caveat here is that Family Link is now invite-only so you can request one here and during setup, it also asks users to pay $0.30 for the service.

Google wants to make it a little easier for parents to keep tabs on their kids' usage with their devices, and that's where Family Link. This can be set at a certain time of day or with a switch on the parent's end of the two-app connection.

Google is making a huge step toward letting families manage Google accounts and phones of children in the house, moving well beyond Google Play Family Library. Google hopes to make the feature generally available in the United States in early summer and elsewhere in world later this year.

Following apps like YouTube Kids, Google is working on providing a more child friendly experience for Android. Once you've got it installed on your device, you can set up a Google Account for your child in the app, then sign them into their new device using that account. Family Link is ready to help with that.

Device bedtime: Parents can remotely lock the device their kid is using.

Reports show Google is testing a new interface that may make the application much more helpful for finding things, both online and within your phone.

Think of Family Link like parental controls plus monitoring.

Kids can use the app to play games and watch movies.

Google stresses that the app is meant for children under 13, who technically aren't supposed to have their own Google accounts yet, and it's worth reiterating that you need to start with a fresh device for this to work. Through the parental account, parents can also monitor areas including screen time, approved websites and apps the child's device can download. (Maybe this is a better idea for younger kids than older ones.) You can also fine-tune options for search and for controlling which apps can use hardware like the microphone.