French presidential election: Poll tracker and odds


Moreover, Le Pen claimed to have been snubbed by the British prime minister, Theresa May, who did not meet with her, citing a government policy not to deal with the Front National.

She was asked by Mr Farage if the EU's hardline stance on Brexit was putting the interests of Brussels above French workers, given her country's trade links with the UK.

Adversaries of Marine Le Pen expressed relief on Thursday after her ally Geert Wilders won fewer seats than expected in a Dutch election, but analysts warned against reading too much into the result ahead of France's tight presidential race. She also insisted that no British immigrants residing in France would face persecution, though she added that French people would come first when it came to job opportunities.

"I see no reason why we should not continue to welcome them in the French style".

"When people live on our territory and are not criminals, they do not dispute our laws or our way of life, our customs, our values".

Le Pen is hoping the same populist momentum that brought Donald Trump to power and pushed a majority of British voters to back Brexit will help her defy the odds and the opinion polls to become French president. Clips of the meeting during Farage's hour-long nightly show showed the two rightwing leaders laughing and criticising the failure of the prime minister, Theresa May, to invite the FN leader to Downing Street.

With the Dutch election done with, the focus is on the French Presidential election.

"I wouldn't believe her if she was the last one on earth just look at the company she keeps".

If she fails then she will hold a referendum on whether France should leave the EU. "We are old allies and economically speaking as well, we have a great many exchanges to implement", she said.

In an interview with the former Ukip leader Nigel Farage, the French far-right leader said that the United Kingdom had found the "keys to jail" represented by the European Union.

Surveys regularly show that upward of three-quarters of pro-Le Pen respondents are already absolutely certain they will vote for her.

"I don't understand this inconsistency this contradiction between what Theresa May stands for today because she has made a decision to be the woman who will implement Brexit".