Five arrested in pot shop raids in Toronto, Hamilton and Vancouver


Canada wide raid by police on marijuana dispensaries belonging to Marc Emery and his wife Jodie resulted in their arrest at Pearson International Airport on Wednesday night as they were on their way to a pot festival in Europe, media release said.

The four other search warrants were at private residences, two in Toronto, one in Stoney Creek and the other in Vancouver.

Tousaw says he's getting reports that Vancouver dispensaries are not being raided as part of Project Gator - yet.

Marc had been in US prison on charges of selling marijuana seeds in the United States and was released only in 2014 after spending just over four years behind bars.

The federal government is moving to legalize marijuana, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau emphasized late previous year that the current laws exist.

Initial reports of the couple's arrest came from Cannabis Culture, a marijuana dispensary chain and pro-marijuana news outlet founded by Marc Emery and owned by Jodie Emery. He said details of the charges were being finalized. Five people were arrested, he said.

"Our history of enforcing the law against illegal cannabis dispensaries is well established", he said.

Police say Britney Guerra was arrested at her home on Thursday morning.

"It's a firm commitment of our government to legalize access to cannabis, to regulate that access and to restrict it appropriately", she said.

"I'm just letting people know".

There are about 20 Cannabis Culture shops across the country in B.C., Ontario and Quebec, although Emery has said it's hard to keep count because the stores frequently open and close due to police raids.

In Vancouver, another lawyer for the Emerys said "several cannabis activists" were arrested Thursday, in addition to his clients.

Victoria-based cannabis lawyer Kirk Tousaw, who has known the Emerys for several years called the arrests a "national disgrace".

Police forces across the country have been raiding pot shops in recent months and charging owners with trafficking-related offences.