Finally! A better way to watch YouTube videos


Uptime allows you to meet friends, share YouTube videos with them, add graphics like hearts and comments as well as stickers to have a YouTube viewing party on the go.

Uptime is available in the App Store, but it requires an invitation code to setup your account. Uptime is a new video sharing app that's the latest brainchild of Area 120, and it aims to create a new way to watch and share YouTube videos. This only reminds me of Facebook Live videos that lets you react to what you are seeing on the screen.

This could be how we'll share the video-watching experience in the future.
Hence you are not limited to just one video. This article offers up a comprehensive list of sites and services to get you started. They can, however, get daily video recommendations from their friends. In other words, Uptime is making the experience of watching YouTube videos a more group-centric thing - even for people who aren't in the same room. Each user's avatar will be displayed on the progress bar, so their friends will now about their progress in the video.

- Interact and chat while watching videos. A limit to the amount of people you can share videos was not disclosed, but screenshots shows a video sent to 23 people. By choosing to not populate the app with the entire YouTube portfolio, the company is leaving it upon users to chose what videos would be suitable for watching with friends. Whenever it is though, we will inform our users about it. Live streaming support could also do the app a ton of good. If you're interested, the Uptime team has been tweeting invite codes. There's also no address book feature right now, so you can't find friends using your contact list like you would on almost any other social outlet.