Dozens of Bay Area flights impacted by East Coast blizzard


Even though the "first flight in" landed around 4.45 p.m. Tuesday and flight activity is now back to normal, Port Authority of NY and New Jersey is urging passengers to make sure they arrive at the airport earlier than usual to account for increased passenger traffic at the airport. The airline is planning to resume normal operations Wednesday morning.

Flights to or from Chicago, Washington, D.C., Boston, New York City, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Newark, Toronto and Philadelphia were among those canceled. Their meeting has been postponed until March 17.

According to flight-tracking service FlightAware, Airlines cancelled 5,300 flights for the day, all before midnight Monday, preemptively.

The majority of the flights from the Blue Grass Airport are heading out on time. Two Tuesday morning flights to Newark and another to Baltimore were cancelled.

Almost all flights at New York City's three airports were canceled on Tuesday, with similar issues at Boston and Baltimore. Southwest canceled about 900 flights, while American Airlines, JetBlue Airways and United Airlines each cancelled more than 500. About 50 flights at Hancock Airport in Syracuse have been cancelled on Tuesday. Even in Florida, about three dozen flights had been canceled in Orlando - mostly on flights to the north.

Spirit: Customers can rebook through March 16 or March 18, depending on the airport.

While New York City was spared from the 12 to 16 inches of snow that weather forecasters predicted would hit the area, other regions were severely hit by Stella. However, DIA officials tweeted that about 95 flights were affected locally.

Crews happily take on anything the weather can throw at them to make sure the Hancock Airport remains open for business.

SFO has experienced a total of 39 inbound delays, although many of those may be unrelated to the storm.