Dozen die in new round of Peru flooding


A woman has narrowly escaped a fast-moving mudslide near Lima, Peru, which almost claimed her life.

The woman, who was identified in media reports as Evangelina Chamorro Diaz, pulled herself out from under fallen debris and walked - completely covered in mud - over the fallen wooden panels.

The 32-year-old was taken to hospital along with her husband and both are believed to be recovering.

Unusually heavy rains have killed at least a dozen people in Peru's latest round of flooding and the muddy waters have begun rushing into homes and streets.

She eventually gets to safety where she receives help from rescuers.

The presidential council of ministers said on Twitter that 750 districts have already declared a state of emergency.

"There's a person there!" an observer cried out.

Peruvian officials said on Thursday they expect the extreme weather to continue for another two weeks.

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski asked citizens to remain calm in a series of tweets on Thursday.

Schools nationwide have suspended classes. The woman was carried to an ambulance and sustained minor injuries.

In 1998, an El Nino event brought heavy rainfall to the nation's coast, causing landslides, destroying homes and killing hundreds of people. And seven of the nation's most unsafe criminals were temporarily transported to another facility after a river near the prison threatened to overflow. Write to us in the Comments Section.