Bryan & Alicia at the Movies: 'Beauty and the Beast'


"The song she's singing much about the memories that we have of the people we love".

What's the secret to your success? In a nod to Belle's favorite play, Condon's film reminded me more of Hailee Steinfeld's wash/rinse/repeat "Romeo & Juliet" than Baz Luhrmann's dialogue-faithful, rock "n" roll "Romeo + Juliet". I've wanted to be a Broadway performer my entire life since I was nine years old.

There was a lot that I liked about this movie and very little that I didn't.

If you're a die-hard fan of the original, l I imagine you're going to spot more flaws than I did while watching this.

However, rather than say that the advert was indeed an advert, spokespersons for Google responded by saying "what's circulating online was a part of our My Day feature where, after providing helpful information about your day, we sometimes call out timely content". I was just shocked.

It was incredible. As gorgeous and as fantastic as the set looks on the big screen, it's even more awesome in person.

If you see the film on an IMAX screen, it has been specially formatted to give you the entire film, as it is specially formatted in 1.9:1 ratio. It was just so magical and attractive. Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Stanley Tucci all lend their voices with Thompson taking over from Angela Lansbury beautifully.

Watson took in $3 million to play the movie's lead, Belle, but her pay will jump to $15 million if the movie has a worldwide take similar to the studio's 2014 "Maleficent" release ($759 million), according to The Hollywood Reporter. The amount of work it takes to bring this ugly creature to life (and to love) is extraordinary, and Stevens couldn't have done it better. You would think with someone who has that kind of celebrity that they could have a bit of an ego but not at all with her. Like me, she loved books.

Colin Covert agrees this retelling is "less magical" than the 1991 original, "an underperforming example of more being considerably less", he writes at the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Everything about Belle and Beast's behavior in that scene was hilariously inappropriate, and so out of tone for a movie so heavily Disney-fied that Malaysia and some cinema in Alabama have banned it for a supposed "gay moment" that, let's be real, is so blink-and-you-miss-it it's practically non-existent.

But this one does as well as it could, largely because they picked the ideal Belle for the ball that will delight a whole new generation of would-be princesses at film's end. The plot, the characters, the cheerful Howard Ashman and Alan Menken tunes: "all have been faithfully recycled, as though some enchantress had waved her wand over an old cartoon and suddenly brought it screaming into the flesh-and-blood world".

The Beast. I'm Team Beast (laughs).

EW's Anthony Breznican penned a thoughtful essay from a father's perspective on LeFou's character progression. He has the biggest arc and the incredible journey that he has to take emotionally and obviously physically. It's a handsome thing. I was in Toronto a year or two ago but not this time around with this tour, unfortunately. I advise staying away from 3D, because while the added depth could enhance some scenes, the loss of brightness concomitant with 3D conversions is likely to make the many already-dark scenes practically invisible.

I'd love to come back. If you've seen the original as many times as I have, you'll notice that many scenes are shot-by-shot (or almost so) replicas of the original.