BBC America releases new 'Doctor Who' Season 10 trailer


It's also the first season for new companion Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie), who may or may not stick around after Capaldi departs from the series. It looks like Pearl Mackie will bring a lot of comedy to the show. The BBC just announced that it will screen the Doctor Who Season 10 premiere in theaters for two nights in April, shortly following the episode's airing on BBC America.

There have been many speculations about the next Doctor after Capaldi leaves his role.

It's been so long since we've seen a new non-Christmas special episode of Doctor Who that some may say we've traveled a great distance through time and space since the last time we joined Peter Capaldi's Doctor in the TARDIS. And, if you purchase your tickets through Atom Tickets, you will get three free Doctor Who digital comic books from Titan Comics and ComiXology, so that's pretty cool. Our favorite Gallifreyan will rematerialize on April 15 for a new season.

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Elsewhere, in addition to Michelle Gomez's return as Missy, Season 10 will also feature Jekyll & Hyde star Stephanie Hyam in a minor role. According to Express, the first episode of the upcoming is called "The Pilot".

The 10th season of "Doctor Who" premieres Saturday, Apr. 15.

The TV series suffered a decrease in ratings recently, but Capaldi said that his last season will refresh the series in ways that will remind the audience that the Doctor is alien, no matter how human he looks and sometimes acts.