At Least 10 People Injured in Mount Etna Eruption


As many as 10 people were injured Thursday when several unexpected blasts at Italy's Mount Etna volcano sent scalding steam and rocks shooting into the air.

Rebecca Morelle, who is BBC News' global science correspondent, said a team from the Corporation was caught up in the "extremely scary" incident.

Nino Borzi, the mayor of Nicolosi, the closest residential area on the island of Sicily, said there were around 35 people in the area close to the explosion.

In another astonishing shot, Morelle shared a photo of her camerawoman holding up a burned-through jacket that she said had been hit by a hot rock. "Volcanologist said most risky incident experience in his 30 year career", Morelle tweeted.

"Incident could have been worse - explosions like this have killed - but seems minor injuries for now".

Mount Etna is one of the world's most active volcanoes, according to the US Geological Survey.

Rebecca Morelle and her BBC team were caught up in the explosion.

Incredible pictures show Mount Etna spewing molten lava and burning smoke around its snow covered summit.

It is not known what the BBC crew were doing at the volcano.

Italian officials said six people had to be taken to hospital, but none were in a serious condition.

The Guardian reports that there have been three eruptions at the volcano in recent weeks.

Among those present when the explosion occurred was a scientist from Italy's volcanology institute, Boris Behncke, who said on his Facebook page that he had suffered a bruise to his head.