Andromeda's weird animations won't get fixed with day-one patch


Gamers have been getting their hands on Mass Effect: Andromeda before release and the reports are pretty interesting. However, according to the studio's lead designer Ian Frazier, the first update for the game will not make any improvements to the game's awkward facial animations despite the rampant criticism of the problem being discussed among fans online. In response he said "No". One Twitter user wanted to know if the obvious animation breakdowns seen in the game - as uploaded by those playing advanced copies - would be fixed with a day-one patch.

As Frazier went on to confirm, additional patches for Mass Effect: Andromeda will begin rolling out over the coming weeks, and those questionable animations will certainly be a high-priority target for the dev team.

The lead designer for Mass Effect: Andromeda has confirmed that there will be no fixes for character animations, despite the criticism from fans. He also assuaged fans' concerns about the sound issues persisting in Andromeda's multiplayer mode, as the problem is now "under investigation".

And BioWare isn't doing anything to correct their shenanigans.

Those lucky enough to secure an advance copy of Mass Effect Andromeda have all had the same thought cross their mind: "What the fuck is wrong with their faces?!"