Who Does Nick Choose On The Bachelor 2017? Final Rose Revealed!


But don't worry, he feels God in this Chili's tonight - he's sticking around. Nick told him that he's considering walking away from everything. Well, if that was the end of that conversation, Harrison definitely doesn't have a career as a therapist. Although it would save a lot of travel time and unnecessary small talk with relatives, Nick is taking over the show.

Eventually, Chris said they had a "come to Jesus" moment. Nick made a decision to stay! He told the women that he was cancelling the rose ceremony and they would all be heading to the island of Bimini! And on top that, we can now rest assured that she'll wind up with someone better than Nick. She didn't maintain eye contact when she described their "wonderful day", showing her nerves, but knew she had to open up. They both enjoyed themselves.

He says he has had fantastic moments with them and that he sent Danielle home because he didn't have as strong a connection with her as he does with them. She's never been on a boat and the greatest fear she's ever known is being unsure about Nick's future on the show? That would make great television, but it's not likely.

According to ABC, there are four date cards up for grabs this week - three one-on-one dates and a group date. Nick has some news: They'll be swimming with sharks on this date.

Although fans might assume that this season's villain, Corinne Olympios, is one of the girls who gets in a fight this week, that's not the case. Corrine is upset that she doesn't have the one on one, so she plans on getting the most attention.

The Bachelor season 21 airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. She spoke to Nick about what her family is like and how her "daddy" was diagnosed with lung cancer. "I have such a love for you, but right now I don't feel like there's the in-love", Nick tells Kristina. Yet it was Raven who got the date rose. He seemed like he was putting on an act when he eliminated Kristina Schulman this week. Nick and Raven head out to a nearby bonfire beach party to pretend to be excited to watch Random Dude sing "Random Song".

Does Nick Viall really want to get married after "The Bachelor"? Danielle went riding off on a bike ride through the town with Nick.

Nick took her to a locals-only bar, where they discussed what it would be like for her to take Nick home. DeGeneres said she was surprised after Nick didn't pick Rachel because it seemed like they had plenty of chemistry. Uh oh, it seems like Danielle is falling behind. I didn't see this pre-rose ceremony breakup coming, and neither did she, apparently. But he quickly got over it and told her that he didn't want to say that he loves her yet. She sobs a goodbye to her fellow contestants as she retrieves her belongings from her room.

Meanwhile, back at the rent-a-mansion, the girls are sitting around with bedhead talking about how terrifying it is that Nick is having doubts. Nick welcomed her in an offered her some champagne.

Rubbing salt in the wound, Danielle had to go back to the house to pack her things in front of all the other women. So they started giving each other massages. I have no idea, but whatever happens, I hope Raquel is there for it all. "Don't feel bad, it's fine". She was so embarrassed he turned her down. It was kind of weird. She probably figures if she's going to go home this week, she wants to go out with a bang - literally.

Viall answered ominously: 'We did, Rachel and I had an awesome amount of chemistry from the first night.

Though Team Two may be dead in the water, Kristina didn't let this ship go down without a fight. He wanted to love her, but his heart couldn't "get there". It was terrible. She told him that he didn't give her a fair chance.

On The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 7, pretty much all of Nick's relationships with the six remaining suitors were called into question. Speaking of Corrine, the promo for this episode makes it look like she's plotting to kidnap Nick and throw him into the back of a van.