The Walking Dead Recap: Turn That Frown Upside Down


Built off a suspenseful ticking clock device involving an approaching herd, Rick and the gang work to solve their lack of weapons problem. Richard meets them at the gate and lets them in. This is HUGE! I'm sure you remember the battle Rick and Morgan had throughout season 6?

That we've gotten through the premiere, the biggest thing that we hope for is that one way or another, the show figures out a way to raise the stakes and give us an episode next week that is a little bit more intense!

And while Rick and his crew are attempting to form a militia to rise up against Negan and the Saviors, they learned some of these other groups are going to need a lot of convincing. The King does, however, agree to grant asylum to Daryl, since his deal with The Saviors means they never come inside The Kingdom.

Rick leaves Daryl behind, like a sad, sad, puppy.

Morgan, asked by Ezekiel what he thought, told him: 'People will die.

I often criticized The Walking Dead, questioning some of the decisions the writers made for these characters. Look at her being useful; she makes us proud.

Anyway, back to how Rosita actually saved everyone this episode. Second, a string of explosives.

Our heroes hear the speech as they drive away from the Kingdom, having been denied by Ezekiel, and leaving Daryl behind in one of the only places he can successfully hide from Negan. They are also pretty chill about not finding Daryl, and they depart without saying a word about those dead, headless zombies on the highway or that mysterious explosion or their missing dynamite.

On the way back to Alexandria, however, Rick's folks hit a snag, almost literally: a roadblock of cars parked across a highway span - and a tripwire hung between two cars, and littered with dynamite that Negan's folks used to shut the way down from the wandering walker herd. With only less than a second to spare, the two hop into the vehicle and they drive off towards home. "We knew that we had a lot of pressure because of what we did last mid-season premiere, and we were like, 'How are we gonna top what we've done before?'"

So we return back to Alexandria with a decent amount of explosives.

If the Kingdom, and more from the Hilltop for that matter, join forces with the Alexandria community - and whatever other community is out there - they will most likely win. If Rick can get them on board, not only will they have a bigger army, but they will have intel from the inside. From here however, the episode ramped up several notches to deliver some engaging thrills noticeably lacking from the opening half.

Next on the list is Morgan (Lennie James) who is always hesitant of taking another person's life due to his personal beliefs. It then shows him quickly shoving supplies and weapons into boxes, loading a vehicle, filling it with gas, and driving away. Why is Rick smiling? The band is back together, but yo, where the fudge did Father Gabriel go and who are those hipster-punk rejects who cornered him at the end of the episode and why's he so god damn happy? "Do you want to leave, just turn our backs?"

As the group slowly creeps on the property where they found the boat of supplies earlier this season, they become surrounded by a massive crowd of people - a new community.

Does Rick see a powerful new ally, or is it a familiar face from the past?