The Internet Has a Lot of Feelings About Monopoly Killing the Thimble


"We were a little bit surprised that the thimble got among the lowest votes because it's been in the game for so long", Senior Marketing VP for Hasbro Gaming Jonathan Berkowitz told CNN Money.

That's right, Monopoly addicts, the times they are a changin'. Hasbro had fans vote on which pieces should be included in the next generation of Monopoly.

The thimble was originally added to the Monopoly lineup in 1935 as a familiar symbol of everyday life in America. Over 4 million people voted in this most recent "Monopoly Token Madness campaign" and the thimble was voted off. The token that will be replacing it is now unknown - the Vote Monopoly site, which hosted the event, says that winning tokens will be revealed on March 19, 2017, which has been dubbed Monopoly Day.

The Scottie dog, car, battleship, hat, boot, wheelbarrow and cat will remain in the game, Fortune says, with the remaining selection to be announced March 19. The new thimble-less version of Monopoly will be out in August.

Monopoly is a core property within Hasbro's games division, which also includes classics like Sorry!, Operation, and Hungry Hungry Hippos and the more modern Pie Face. Some of the available choices were a T-Rex, rubber duck, and an emoji. Just a few years ago the iron token was voted out in favor of a cat charm.