Reel Review: Fifty Shades Darker


My best friend and I headed along to watch Fifty Shades Darker, ice cream in hand because how else do you watch a cheeky chick flick? "It's more attainable and believable", Johnson said. There's a leather cuff on a pole that looks more suited to keeping an angry Shetland pony at arm's length, and two silver balls that end up being the strangest product placement in film.

The first film succeeded in establishing the desirable enigma of Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), as seen by doe-eyed protagonist Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson).

At the Australian box office, Fifty Shades Darker minted $2.1M and 55 percent market share.

Here we go, Christian being a creeper stalking Anastaia and buying all the paintings (minor detail and if you didn't see it coming from the get-go of that gallery opening scene then I am sorry).

Yvette Gonzalez of Hartford, who didn't like the first book because she felt the writing was poor, thought the movie was "pretty good" and she is looking forward to the third film. Reverting back to his BDSM ways, he strokes her head like a dog and barks at Ana to leave.

"Plot wise, the film is utterly threadbare and the sex scenes, which are fairly graphic at times, are always accompanied by syrupy rock music", according to Geoffrey Macnab from The Independent.

How can she wear a dress with no underwear and have no nipples showing, yet the second that dress slips off headlights are on full beam? She was more M&S than S&M and eventually ran off after his demands became too pervy.

There is a lot less sex in this movie. How this is the outfit of anyone's fantasies I do not know, but let's not get hung up on that. This was just more love-making then red-room kinda stuff. However, I am not sure what those people were expecting going in.

Damn, these two move fast! As someone who has spent many a night and morning using fistfuls of makeup wipes and witch hazel to scrub off a good matte lipstick, I clutched myself in disbelief. It runs about 2 hours and an hour and fifteen of that is sex. It was more like 2 hours of complete escapism from your life and I might even be as fearless to say it won't win the award for worst film of the year this time round.

The final nail in the coffin for myself when it came to the hot mess that is Fifty Shades Darker is that you can easily tell when each part of the film ends and another begins.