Officer Uses Car to Push Flaming Truck Out of Drive-Thru


A quick-thinking Texas police officer is being praised for using his patrol auto to push a pickup engulfed in flames away from a fast-food restaurant, preventing the fire from spreading.

Dash cam footage from the squad vehicle captured the officer pulling up behind the burning truck that was dangerously close to the restaurant.

On Saturday night, Glenn Heights officer Chris Womack was dispatched to a Jack in the Box on South Beckley Road, where a Ford F-150 sat in the drive-thru, smoking heavily and engulfed in flames. He was able to get his wife and daughter out of the truck safely before it burst into flames. It's unclear what caused the truck to catch fire.

Flames were lapping at the building and thick smoke billowed across it. Thanks for being a local hero, Officer Womack!

Glenn Heights Police Officer Chris Womack says he was just in the right place at the right time as the first-year officer was forced to tackle a situation most officers don't see in their entire careers.

"When I got there the flames were nearly touching the ceiling", Womack said.