Lamborghini Aventador recalled for engine fire risk


According to the recall information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the affected units include 2012 to 2017 Lamborghini Aventador models. The luxury super auto that is sold at a price of $4 million is being officially recalled and the owners of these super cars were notified about the step too.

The 12-cylinder, 750-horsepower models that Automobili Lamborghini SpA billed as a "street-legal racing car" are among about 5,900 Aventadors the carmaker will recall worldwide over risks that a fuel system fault could lead to fires, the company said Tuesday.

If you're a Lamborghini Veneno owner, you're going to want to read this. The recall fix can be completed at any Lamborghini dealer. Automobile Magazine reported in March 2016 that one was listed for sale for $11.1 million. Apparently, a full fuel tank might cause liquid fuel to enter the emission system's carbon canister, which catches fuel that would have evaporated into the atmosphere.

In this recall, all Venenos and around 1,500 Aventadors in the United States are said to be at risk.

Starting later this month, dealers will replace the evaporative emissions system with upgraded purge valves, a new rollover valve (to prevent overfilling), and a new "layout" for the installation. With not properly treated fuel vapor, particular maneuvers, as example engine over revving at idle, could imply contact between fuel vapor and hot gasses. All owners of vehicles affected will be notified by certified mail and should expect to meet with their local dealership in the near future.