Joy Villa's Dress Designer at Grammys: 'We Have to Support Our President'


When asked by Yahoo Finance whether she received backlash about the dress from guests at the Grammys, Villa claimed that some people whispered to her, "I voted for him too", but recalled one guy saying, "I wish I could step on it". Then previous year, she again grabbed headlines with a similarly see-through dress consisting mostly of fabric spikes.

Soriano has designed gowns for artist such as Macy Gray and Courtney Love that has graced the red carpet, said that President Trump is "going to do the best thing" for America.

Many saw Villa's action as a direct message to her liberal counterparts who voiced strong opinions at previous award shows against Trump and his divisive policies. "I love it", tweeted one user. I couldn't be where I am today without the love and tenderness of those lovely supporters and friends around me.

"Thank you I hope you enjoy tonight's @grammysawards2017 and keep in mind to forget your problems and focus on your future!"

The President Donald Trump-supporting dress of Villa earned reactions from all sides.

If you hadn't heard of Joy Villa before the 2017 Grammys, you certainly have by now. Way to go girl!" and "I don't know this artist, but it doesn't matter. "You can either stand for what you believe or fall for what you don't", the post read.

This is not the first time Villa has made a statement on the red carpet. "That's why she was wearing the heart". "Agree to disagree", she also wrote on Instagram. Life is about living free and loving it.

Andre Soriano, the fashion designer behind the dress who is also a naturalized citizen from the Philippines, told The Hollywood Reporter that the dress spreads a message of unity. "Be your handsome selves tonight!"

She described herself as a "Vegan, Fitness, Feminist" on her Twitter account, where reviews of her get-up were mixed. It was previously ranked on Amazon at No. 543,202 before her Grammy appearance.