HTC is working on a new kind of mobile VR headset


It's becoming increasingly clear that HTC is putting a lot of its weight behind virtual reality (VR), and it's no doubt for good reason. Now it may be working on a new VR product that works with mobile devices.

Achieving profitability is HTC's aim this year, and its plan of attack is to release fewer phones that sit on the top end, rather than flood the market with devices that span the price spectrum. The latest announcement most clearly underlines HTC's transition into a VR-oriented company, especially as its core smartphone business continues to struggle.

While details are scant for now, it's clear that HTC has high hopes for virtual reality. Earlier this week, the company announced another drop in revenue for the fourth quarter of 2016, and a loss of around $116 million.

But don't go expecting HTC to chuck out something similar to Samsung's Gear VR, which essentially acts as an affordable holster for the company's powerful Galaxy smartphones.

As HTC is the creator of what many consider to be the best VR headset on the market, this promises to be an exciting new development.

Chang underscored that the new VR gadget would be an innovation on the VR concept, departing from the traditional headset model. However, Chia-lin Chang says HTC's upcoming mobile virtual reality headset will be more complex than a phone slapped onto a headset.

Having split off its virtual reality business into its own separate entity previous year, HTC is making a big drive for virtual reality in 2017. The company specified that it won't work like the Daydream View or Samsung Gear VR, both of which use a phone for its screen, sensors, and processing power.