GoPro Karma Drone Back On Sale


It will be relaunched with a redesigned battery latch incorporated into the drone to solve the issue. After recalling the drone late past year, GoPro has put its $800 quadcopter back on sale through its own website and at select retailers.

"We remain skeptical on the GoPro Plus cloud subscription offer, as we believe the pricing is on the high side relative to similar offerings, such as Google Photos", wrote Robert Stone, an analyst at Cowen & a note before the results were released.

"Safety is our biggest priority, so this decision came after we learned that a small number of Karma units were experiencing power loss mid-flight. Really, it was an easy decision but hard news to share", the company said in a blog post. It was all downhill after that. To make things worse, the Hero-maker announced by the end of November that it was cutting 15 percent of its labor force. GoPro's whole entertainment division was scrapped. There have also been some management shake-ups, including the departure of Tony Bates, who joined GoPro as President in 2014.

The company took a massive blow as the Karma recall was initiated just before the holidays, when most businesses take advantage of the season's shopping craze. At the time, the company had already sold around 2,500 units of the Karma drone.

In Australia, the new and improved and reinvigorated Karma drone will set you back $1195.95, or $1649.95 in a bundle with a Hero5 Black camera.

According to previous reports, the placement of the camera and gimbal on the Karma was the likely cause of the drone suddenly shutting down while in mid-air.

The Karma drone has even returned to the market yesterday, February 1, following a recall that threw investors for a loop. Harnesses for the Hero5 Session and Hero4 Black and Silver cameras will also be available.

Credit: GoProThe Karma was GoPro's first drone, making its debut last fall.

The quadcopter stood out from its competitors for its folding design, its gaming-style controller and its camera stabilizer, which can be removed from the front of the drone and used handheld or mounted on other gear. "As the consumer drone market continues to grow, Karma delivers the most versatile solution at a very accessible price".