Bernie Sanders Responds To His Balenciaga Tribute


"He ran for president saying 'I'm going to take on Wall Street, They're getting away with murder.' And then he appoints all these billionaires, and now he will dismantle legislation that protects consumers".

Trump signs an order to review the Dodd-Frank Wall Street to roll back financial regulations of the Obama era. He singled out the appointment Treasury Secretary-designate Steve Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive who also ran a mortgage bank that foreclosed on tens of thousands of borrowers during the financial crisis.

Aside from Mnuchin, the billionaires selected by Trump for his Cabinet include Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who headed Exxon Mobil Corp.; Commerce Secretary-designate Wilbur Ross, an acquirer of steel mills, coal mines and other heavy industries, and Education Secretary-designate Betsy DeVos, whose father-in-law was a co-founder of Amway.

Sanders said he anxious this cast of characters would cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

"I think he is going to sell out the middle class and the working class of this country", Sanders said.

Tapper said Sanders had warned during the campaign that Trump would pull this switcheroo, but a lot of his supporters apparently believed Trump was honest and voted for him over Hillary Clinton, who Sanders had accused of too-close ties to Wall Street.

The former Democratic candidate suggested the cabinet members would go after the needs of 'working families, the elderly, the children, the sick, and the poor'. Sanders didn't address the point directly, instead pointing to the gulf between Trump's promises and how Sanders believes he will govern.

The criticism obviously carries extra weight because this is an issue on which there was seemingly potential overlap between Trump and Sanders supporters. 'And if people want to vote for that, that's fine, that's democracy'.

Citing the president's habit of tarring all media as "fake news", and of consistently putting himself and his opinions as the final authority, Sanders predicted that mainstream conservatives would soon find themselves in a very hard position and hoped they would stand up to Trump's authoritarianism.

"You know, he's a good showman", said Sanders.

'But I would hope that he and his Republican friends will make it clear to Trump that this country belongs to all of us, and it's not a one-man show, ' the senator concluded.