Sniper kills local mayor and two journalists in Finland


It is noteworthy here that the local politician was named as Tina Wilen Jappinen, the chairperson of Imatra's town council.

A gunman opened fire, apparently at random, in a nightlife district in Imatra late Saturday.

A candle is laid in front of the restaurant Vuoksenvahti where three women were killed, in Imatra, Finland, Sunday, Dec. 4, 2016.

Investigators said the attacker, who has a criminal record, could have picked his victims at random.

Local police have confirmed that a 23-year-old man has been detained after three women were fatally shot in the early hours of Sunday morning.

There was no initial indication that the triple murder was "linked to political issues or extremism", police said, adding that they were not looking for any other suspects.

The suspect arrived outside the restaurant in his auto and shot the three women as they stepped out of the restaurant during a busy Christmas party evening. The alleged shooter, who waited in his auto for police after shooting, was arrested without incident.

We chose to open a crisis center after the shooting occurred right in the middle of the town near restaurants and nightclubs. "Many people were shocked".

Imatra has around 28,000 residents and lies around 230 kilometers (140 miles) east of Finnish capital Helsinki.

Finland, which has one of the biggest gun ownership rates in the world, enjoys relatively low crime rates compared to other European countries.