Holocaust-Themed Skating Routine on Russian TV Sparks Outrage


Winter Olympics gold medallist Tatyana Navka, wife to Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, has been condemned for performing a freakish Holocaust-themed ice-skating routine on Russian television on 26 November.

Wearing black and white striped jumpsuits with yellow Star of David patches and makeup that made them look gaunt and malnourished, the ice skaters launched into their choreographed Holocaust-themed performance.

Navka claimed she based the routine on the Italian Holocaust film Life is attractive, which won two Oscars for its writer/director/star Roberto Benigni.

Russian Culture Minister Miri Regev moved quickly on Sunday to condemn the routine, telling Army Radio: "Holocaust themes are not for parties, they are not for dancing, and they are not for reality shows".

Although the Navka/Burkovsky routine perfectly matched the storyline of the film, it triggered a wave of criticism, particularly in foreign mass media.

But on her Instagram page, Navka shared a photo explaining that the routine was based on one of her favorite films, Life is attractive, that is set in a concentration camp. "No taste, no, tact, no understanding", wrote viewer Mihael Ratinsky on the Channel One website.

Life is Beautiful. Show this movie to your children.

"This is awful, people don't understand what they are doing".

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A dance routine for Russia's version of "Dancing with the Stars" in April featured a man dressed as a Nazi officer looking for a young Jewish girl who was hiding.

Primarily I think there must not be mockery, there must not be irony, there must not be a crooked smile.

Senior Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin, have honored Holocaust victims and have spoken out against attempts to justify the crimes of Nazis or their allies.

Navka married President Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov in a large ceremony in August 2015.