Democrats' task: Rebuild the blue political wall in Midwest


During another exchange, Clinton aide Robby Mook unleashed a tirade about the letters Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey sent in the days before the election about Clinton's emails, saying they ultimately helped the billionaire win. "We do think that was because of the Comey letter", Mook said.

As Harvard's Nicco Mele regularly reminded the political operatives, journalists and students in the audience, the event was meant to take down "a first draft of history, and we are trying to capture what happened here for generations to come". Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway called members of Clinton's team "bitter".

"During the presidential debate on October 19, the Democratic Party's arrogant, self-absorbed nominee, Hillary Clinton, reacted to Donald Trump's position of "wait 'n see" on the election night results by stating she was 'appalled that anyone running for president would take such a position".

Lewandowski also said he spoke to Trump before a San Diego event where Trump criticized Indiana-born U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel. Instead, Trump's deputy campaign manager David Bossie said her team "used the old Clinton playbook" by fighting off lawsuits asking to make her correspondence public.

In a key moment that flipped the initial tone from fairly civil to acrimonious, Clinton advisers Jennifer Palmeiri and Finney charged the Trump campaign with providing a platform for white supremacist views by hiring Breitbart Chief Executive Steve Bannon.

Mook also blamed Clinton's loss in part on the drip, drip, drip of apparently hacked Democratic emails. USA security officials have said they believe Russian hackers orchestrated the email hacks, something Russia has denied. "We can not have foreign, and I would say foreign aggressors here, intervening in our elections".

"No you wouldn't", said Conway. You know, Donald Trump gave voice to his ability to the forgotten man and forgotten woman.

Conway essentially agreed, saying Clinton was unable to hold together the Obama coalition. "They understood it. They understood that sometimes-when you have a conversation with people, whether it's around the dinner table or at a bar-you're going to say things and sometimes you don't have all the facts to back it up".

Tempers flared and political fault-lines were inflamed, as aides to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton gathered for their first meeting since Election Day.

"Look, there were a lot of headwinds in this case".

While Mook now realizes that Clinton hurt her electoral chances with the "deplorables" remark, he embraced it himself during the campaign.

One was an article about how, at a forum on election coverage, aides to Cruz and Rubio criticized CNN for giving Trump virtually unfettered air time during the primaries.

Conway bristled during a question-and-answer period when someone attending the forum noted the Southern Poverty Law Center had collected reports of nearly 1,000 hate-related incidents from almost every state since the election.

"I don't remember being asked to call in", shouted former Carly Fiorina campaign manager Sarah Isgur Flores, arguing that the cable news shows would demand other candidates show up at a studio while letting Trump phone in.